Why I want to work in UX

Recently I have been asked on multiple occasions about the reasons for my decision to go into user experience as my future career – therefore, I have decided to write this post about just that.

It started around a year ago when I witnessed my younger sister, who has learning difficulties, struggling using various websites. Whilst watching her it made me wonder if there was a way which these sites could be improved for users with different abilities.

After searching online, I soon found out more information on accessibility, but even then I noticed that the majority of the content was for the visually and hearing impaired more than cognitive impairments. When doing this research, I also found out more about user experience and how different UX methods can create websites which are built around the users – resulting in a big improvement in terms of the usability on websites, especially for users with cognitive disabilities.

From this I found out there is a large UX community, who are also very passionate about ensuring all websites are accessible to users with all abilities. With a big intrigue in the community, I began to attend UX events, mainly in Manchester, at the first event I attended (NUX) everyone I met was friendly and very passionate about user experience.

The helpful and approachable community of people was one of the main reasons I decided UX was a career I wanted to go into. Since my first event I have learnt a large amount about the subject in such a short space of time thanks to fantastic books; speaking to industry professionals and reading online articles.

All this has resulted in my university project idea “creating content-rich and accessible websites for users with cognitive disabilities” which I am currently working on and my current pursue for a UX career once I graduate.

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