Looking for user testing participants isn’t easy

Or at least, I haven’t found it easy.

For my final year project I am currently looking for user testing participants who have a cognitive disability. I am lucky enough to know many great people and friends who fit my participant criteria and who are happy to take part in the user testing. However, I still need more people to make sure my results are reliable and that I am able to compare my findings.

I have found a small range of people already but it has been a lot of working including: contacting around 20 different local disability organisations; posting onto accessibility forums (a good one is Accessify Forum); and constantly contacting different relevant schools within my university. With all this, three organisations got back in touch and only one organisation were happy to get on board and get involved with my project.

User testing will always be a large amount of work. But by doing them I will gain a primary insight about my audience and how they use certain sites, which will shape how I create the final project website. These findings will also be noted down into a usability report for other designers to view, and hopefully change their views on accessibility. The findings from previous user testing I have conducted has been highly valuable and it changed the opinion of the designer I was working with at that time who previously didn’t see the benefit of user testing.

– If you are currently looking for participants with the same criteria yourself and need guidance on user testing a great website is UI Access, they explain the whole process from finding participants to conducting the tests.

– If you or anyone you know are interested in taking part in my project please email: rebecca@toppsusability.co.uk

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