Using personas to influence your competitor analysis

A recent project I was involved in required a competitor analysis that was based around the persona’s needs and motivators.

Below is a suggested process for doing a competitor analysis:

  1. Look over your user testing questions and create tasks from them to carry out on all the competitor websites (e.g. sign up to email alerts)
  2. Next go over your persona’s goals and motivators, if any of them are not included also add them as tasks.
  3. If you are creating a competitor analysis for a client, make sure you take into account what they want to find out and try to accommodate this with a task.
  4. Use XMind or Microsoft Excel to write down each task and website name (see examples below)
  5. After this do one website at a time and go through your spreadsheet or XMind and carry out each task whilst writing down your findings (see example below)
  6. When carrying out these tasks remember to think about both the user experience side as well as a functional view
  7. Present your findings on a PowerPoint or word document. Include each task on a separate page/slide including evidence using screenshots of each webpage placed next to each other. Below this create a list of what worked and what didn’t work (i.e.  what was good on the website and what wasn’t).
  8. If done correctly you should find good points and bad points about the different websites. It is unlikely that you will be able to choose your favourite website once you have completed the analysis.

There is a vast range of ways in which a competitor analysis can be carried out. The way I have explained is concentrating on persona’s and user experience more so than marketing strategies.

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